Back to School Certificates {Printables}

Where I live, school bells will soon be ringing and children will once again be back to the grind. My older kids are excited to go to school where they can play their with friends, but teachers know that not every child LOVES going back to school. And that's okay. But with some understanding, empathy and a little TLC we can help make it a better transition for them. That's one of the reasons I am such a big fan of Back to School Keepsakes

Above is a sample of my Welcome to 1st Grade Certificates, where I welcome each student to my class with a little message. I always attach a small gift to the certificates, usually a funky pencil. 

To dress it up, I just hole punch the certificate, loop a ribbon through and tie a pencil to it. Voila! A heartfelt welcome present for each student on their first day with you! 

I also have Back to School printables for other grades, including ones that say "Grade 1, Grade 2, etc.) as well as lovely "First Day of ________ grade" self-portrait and journal pages.  There's so much to do in the first week of school but aside from teaching our routines and transitions, I always focus on making each child comfortable and welcome. Luckily these printables and exercises are perfect for that! 

Pretty fun, right?! 

Product Details:

► In color and black and white versions

► Includes 2 certificates per page 

► Print the page you need, add your student's name, then sign and date it 

► Attach a little candy or pencil to each certificate for an additional treat 

What a wonderful keepsake for any child to have!

Find  it here: 

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