Summer Emergent Reader #Printable #Homeschool

Okay, I am a self-professed obsessed Emergent Reader teacher. It's no secret - but really, why wouldn't I be?  Anyone working with pre-readers will surely agree with me - emergent readers are one of the best tools to get children familiar with print (letters and words) and their associated pictures! 

I've recently created a brand new Summer Emergent Reader entitled "Yellow Sun, Yellow Sun, What Do You See?". I'd love to give you a quick snapshot of it because it can be downloaded and printed in just a few seconds! Here's my product cover page in case you are looking for it in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store:

The format as you may have guessed follows the flow of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and comes across as very familiar to children. This reader has 12 half-pages and children are invited to color the pages and if developmentally appropriate, order and bind their own pages (they are numbered for easy assembly).
In addition to the interactive aspect of this Summer Emergent Reader, I have also included a set of matching pocket chart cards! Of course these can be used in a multitude of ways, such as at your word wall or print them off twice for a fun game of Memory! 
Pretty fun, right?! 

Product Details:

► Three book versions to choose from 

► Version 1 is 12 (half) pages once assembled

► Version 2 is 12 (half) pages once assembled

► Version 3 is 7 (half) pages once assembled

► Each page is conveniently numbered for easy assembly 

► Pocket Chart Cards ‣ 1 title card and 6 story element cards 

► Versatile ‣ Pocket Chart cards can be used at your word wall for spelling/vocabulary practice or you can print them off twice for a game of "Memory"

Find  it here: