Valentine's Day 2016 Planning

Valentine's Day is such a fun  celebration in the classroom! I always make super cute mail bags with my students and teach them valuable skills using the Valentine's Day theme. Here are a few of my go-to Valentine's Day teaching resources

Valentine's Day Emergent Reader with Pocket Chart Cards 
Valentine's Day Emergent Reader: Cupid, Cupid, What Do You See? with Pocket Chart Cards 

Children enjoy reading, coloring and assembling this Valentine's Day themed Emergent Reader booklet! 

Product Details:

► Pocket Chart Cards ‣ 1 title card and 6 story element cards 

► Three book versions to choose from 

► Version 1 is 12 (half) pages once assembled

► Version 2 is 12 (half) pages once assembled

► Version 3 is 7 (half) pages once assembled

► Each page is conveniently numbered for easy assembly 

Valentine's Day Math & ELA Packet
Valentine's Day Math + ELA Packet (25 Pages, NO PREP!)

Designed to cover both math and English language arts concepts, these NO PREP Valentine's Day* themed worksheets are perfect for the month of February.  (* This is written in US English. It is available in UK English here.)

Product Details: 

► 25 No-Prep Pages 

► Color by Sight Word 

► Color by Dots

► Color by Number 

► Color by Math

► Heart Mosaic (coloring page)

► Read, Write + Draw the Items 

► Numbers 10-50 Trace/Fill in the Blank 

► 1-10 Addition 

► 1-20 Addition 

► 1-10 Subtraction 

► 1-20 Subtraction 

► Unscramble the words 

► Match the Number to its Name 

► Rhyming Words

► Fill in the missing Letter 

► Crack the Code - Secret Messages ‣ 2 Pages

► Creative Writing prompts ‣ 5 Pages

Find it here: Valentine's Day Math and ELA No Prep 25 Page Packet
Valentine's Day Roll a Word ELA Game
Valentine's Day Vocabulary: Roll a Word Game - Valentine's Day ELA Game
Students love learning vocabulary words with these great Valentine's Day themed game cards! Simply print (there are 3 pages), cut and laminate if desired. Post them at your literacy centre or hand them out individually to your students. Students must roll a die. The die dictates which word they must write out. The first student who has completed a column or page "wins". Can be played alone or with friends. 

Product Details:

► Reading ‣ Students must read each sight word 

► Subitizing ‣ amounts up to 6 (rolling the die)

► Matching ‣ Students match the number on the die to its corresponding sight word

► Can be played alone or with friends

► Makes a great practice tool for spelling

► Makes a great file folder game

Find it here: Valentine's Day Roll a Word ELA Game 

Thanks for reading! 

~Jen Rece