Five For Friday!

Good morning!  Today I am joining the lovely Kacey at Doodlebugs for my second Five for Friday linkup.



The first thing I want to write about is my new facebook page! It is a page that highlights great teaching resources, funny teaching moments and other teaching-related experiences. It is located at http://facebook.com/JenRece and is seriously brand spankin' new and in need of some love. I think I literally have 1 person "liking" it, so I invite you to come on over and click on that pretty little "like" button so I don't keep sharing ideas with myself ;) While you're there, I'd love for you to say 'hi' and leave me a link to your blog/store/fb page too so I can follow you back. It's all about building community, after all! {Also, feel free to send me a facebook friend request if you'd like to network: @jenreceontpt} :) 



The next little project that kept me busy this week was implementing one of my newest winter emergent readers with my students. It's entitled "Snowman, Snowman, What do You See?" As you've probably guessed, it is modeled after the same style as "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?" My readers are available in 3 different versions (great for differentiated learning) and was thoroughly enjoyed by my little readers! This sweet little reader helps students practice various skills like phonics, comprehension, word and story predictions, vocabulary and even coloring. It's available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Snowman, Snowman, What do You See?


I had some spare time earlier in the week and decided to play Candy Crush while I was waiting for a meeting to begin. Clearly I should have known I would become a little obsessed with it again - I'm so determined to beat all the levels now! It's such a fun, simple game but boy do I sometimes wish I never started with it. Now I'm on a mission to beat the level I'm currently on but man it's a challenge! I'm on level 235. Do you play it? 


I played in the snow with my kids earlier in the week. It was a ton of fun seeing as we haven't had much snowfall this season! We made a hill to slide down and lots of snow angels. After an hour or so we came in for hot chocolate and marshmallows :) 


My husband and I binge watched "Making a Murderer". I don't wait to spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but WOW. What a crazy roller coaster!! I also just saw a hilarious video online of a couple who reenact their reactions to the documentary and I swear it was DEAD ON. So funny! Have you seen "Making a Murderer" yet? Were you on an emotional roller coaster too? 

Well that just about sums up what I've been up to this week. What were you up to? Thanks for reading!