Classroom Decor - Printables

Sure, we're in the midst of summer break here in North America, but I can tell you that us teachers still have our classrooms in our minds. More specifically, we're already thinking and preparing for back to school! 
Even though I find the whole "back to school" time super crazy, I have to say I LOVE it! The best part for me, aside from meeting all my new kiddos is setting up my classroom environment. I decided this year I'm going to run with a lime-green and pink theme, so I started putting together some printable resources that I'll be using throughout the year - and of course you can use them, too! 

First off, I made this sweet little "I CAN WRITE" banner - I'm going to print it off, laminate it, add punch holes and string pretty ribbon through it. I love it and I can't wait to get it all put together! 
Of course right after I made that banner file, I had to get started on the next - we teachers sure love matching our decor items, am I right?! So I then went on to creating a similar file for my reading wall - it reads "I CAN READ" and just like the above banner, I can't wait to get this up in my room!  
Find  it here: 
What do you think? I will be making  more banners for my room in this cute lime-green and pink pencil theme - and I for one, am super excited!

Are you already thinking of returning back to school? When does school start for you?

Thanks for visiting! 

~Jen Rece