Year Long Writing Prompts

Every primary teacher understands the importance of their students developing good writing skills. While it is sometimes a daunting task to have your students journal, I have come up with a weekly writing portfolio that my students actually LOVE and always look forward to!  It's geared towards kindergarten to fourth grade students.

Weekly Writing Portfolio (40 Prompts)
The weekly writing portfolio system that I've developed works really well for both me AND my class. Each student is given a duo-tang or binder with 40 writing prompts (40 pages = 1 page per week) and on Writing Wednesdays they independently complete their writing assignment. 

Weekly Writing Portfolio (40 Prompts)
Above is a sample of what the journal pages look like - and as you can see, there is a journal prompt at the top, followed by space to illustrate their thoughts and finally a writer's checklist at the bottom for self-editing. 

Weekly Writing Portfolio (40 Prompts)
I have also included two different sized binder spine labels and a cover page for each duo-tang...plus  a teacher's checklist so you know which prompts you have used. It's a snap to prepare and can be used year after year with excellent results! 

Product Details: 

► 40 prompts suitable for kindergarten to fourth grade students ‣ 1 prompt per page (my students complete 1 prompt per week)

► Each page has a space for writing as well as a space for drawing a picture 

► Each page also has a space for checking their work ‣ students must check off the boxes at the bottom of each page for Capitals, Spacing and Punctuation. 

► Includes a 2-page teacher checklist of all 40 weekly prompts. Simply check off the prompts as you go (if you're obsessed with organization like I am) 

► Fantastic tool for year long assessments 

► Individual pages can be displayed at your writing centre or handed out as needed 

► Can be printed on both sides to save paper 

► Portfolios can be bound together with staples or 3-ring binders with plastic sleeves on the front (this is what I prefer because it is the most durable)

► Spine labels can be printed onto colored paper and students (or you) can write their names before "Writing Portfolio" for fast recognition. Here's a tip for easy insertion of the spine labels: print on cardstock - they slide in without bunching up :) 

► Buy this product once and use year after year! I have not written any dates on this product, so it is suitable for years to come :) 

Learning Opportunities: 

► Creative writing skills 

► Opinion writing skills 

► Spelling skills 

Increased vocabulary 

► Fine motor development 

► Sense of autonomy/independence

► Public speaking practice (if work is presented) 

► Sense of accomplishment and pride

Find it here: Weekly Writing Portfolio (40 Prompts)